Live Your Vision: 7 Steps to Live the Life You Love (Unabridged)


Written By: Bonnie Bruderer

Written By: Bonnie Bruderer

Length:3 hour 31 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Would you like to make this the year that you finally get ahead? Are you tired of settling for status quo while you know more is available? Are you tired of watching other succeed while you stay stuck (or worse fall behind)? You are in luck, Live Your Vision, 7 Simple Steps To Put The Law Of Attraction Into Action and Live The Life You Love will help you do just that. Step One: Define What You Do Want Step Two: Define What You Don't Want Step Three: Look At Where You Right Now (the gap) Step Four: The Art Of Perseverance Step Five: Take Action Step Six: Raise Your Vibration Step Seven: The "Remember Forward" technique This refreshing upbeat program will help you close the gap and where you have been stuck by living into your dreams. You will begin attracting more powerfully and masterfully all of your goals and dreams. Start living (or remembering) them as they have already occurred!