Listen to Life Like a Child: And Make a Life, Not Just a Living


Written By: Dr. Joey Faucette

Written By: Dr. Joey Faucette

Length:2 hours and 13 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

Retail Price:$7.47


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Audiobook Summary: Are you stuck in a rut of getting up, going to work, coming home, watching TV, going to bed and starting all over again? Do you fear that the stress of working and parenting are something you have to deal with forever? And you're not sure you can do it anymore? Well, you can. Dr. Joey promises you can. He did. And he wrote this book to help you enjoy life like a child again as he does. Or, as he says, to listen to life like a child and make a life, not just a living. Through everyday stories of experiences he had with his daughters and other parents with their children, this book revitalizes your spirit and connects you with the joyful spirit of God. You listen to your life and hear God say... "Love you! "Look both ways. "Be good. "Play nice. "Hold my hand." Do you want to enjoy life like a child? Then this book is for you!