Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't for Other People (Live)


Written By: Connie Podesta

Written By: Connie Podesta

Length:47 min.

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Audiobook Summary:When you get to work in the morning, is it where you want to be? And when you go home at night, is that where you feel good and safe? Being able to answer yes to both questions is the key to happiness, success, and wealth, according to therapist and comedian Connie Podesta. In this live presentation, which features a little humor along with lots of insight, Connie offers ideas on how to: Know and understand yourself, to improve relationships with significant others Raise children that are hardworking, respectful, and compassionate people Make the right choices to have healthy relationships and healthy bodies Feel good about yourself in the presence of others, from work to home. Connie Podesta is the author of two other widely read books: How to Be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep and Self Esteem and the Six-Second Secret . In addition, her unique and powerful training series, Positive Impact , is used in companies across the country. She is a licensed professional counselor and an organizational therapist who has worked with hundreds of organizations, associations, and companies to open more effective lines of communication and develop more productive teams.