Leap!: What Will We Do with the Rest of Our Lives? (Unabridged)


Written By: Sara Davidson

Written By: Renee Raudman

Length:10 hours and 43 min.

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Audiobook Summary: Thirty years ago, Sara Davidson wrote the phenomenal best-seller Loose Change , the definitive book about the boomer generation's coming-of-age. Now this witty social observer has again turned her discerning eye to her contemporaries with Leap! , a no-holds-barred, illuminating, and hopeful look at the choices and challenges we face and the roads open to us. For many years, Davidson earned a living as a successful journalist and screenwriter, but in her 50s she saw her life come apart: she could no longer find work, she endured a break-up with her partner, and her children left for college. For the first time ever, she had nothing to do. She felt adrift, but she found that she was not alone. In Leap! , Davidson sets out on a passionate quest to learn how to do the coming years well. Drawing on her own experience and that of others, she explores such questions as How does a high-powered person learn to walk down the ladder gracefully? How can women continue to be sensual and not touch-deprived? How do we arrange to grow old with our friends? What will be the fire at the center of our lives? Why are we still here? Davidson interviews people from across the country and from all walks of life, including such icons as Carly Simon, Tom Hayden, Tracy Kidder, Jane Fonda, Ram Dass, and Iman, as well as teachers, writers, psychologists, businesspeople, and spiritual leaders. The candid portraits are both inspiring and cautionary. With Leap! , Sara Davidson holds up a mirror for readers, allowing them to see not only themselves and those around them but their potential future. With Davidson as a guide, the possibilities are boundless.