LEAD . . . For God's Sake!: A parable for finding the heart of leadership (Unabridged)


Written By: Todd G. Gongwer

Written By: Brandon Batchelar

Length:7 hours and 1 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: A captivating story that will help you find your purpose and leadership in life. Although he's one of the most successful high school basketball coaches in Kentucky's history, Steve Rocker, for the first time in his life, is falling short of expectations. His players have lost their will to win, their love for their teammates, and their passion to play. Coach Rocker's motivational methods that have always worked before - and have resulted in his success - are now failing, and he doesn't know why. Struggling to understand what's happening, Coach seeks the counsel of one of his most successful friends, CEO Grant Steffin, who, while fighting his own battles, offers advice based on his own leadership experiences. Coach Rocker also stumbles upon some unexpected insight from - of all people - Joe Taylor, the high school janitor. As Coach's season spirals downward, and as he continues to interact with these two intriguing men, the why questions become louder and louder in his head. Why does he do what he does? Or for that matter, why does he even exist? These questions eventually push him to go deeper into his own heart than he ever imagined possible to determine his purpose not only in leadership but also in life.