Juegos [Games] (Unabridged)


Written By: L. Ronald Hubbard

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Audiobook Summary: What is a game? A game is an activity engagedupon by one or more individuals in order tomaintain his interest in communication in life. —L. Ron Hubbard What is life? Such was the central question Ron posed when setting out to unravelthe riddle of human existence. After examining all aspects and elements of existence, he arrived at an altogether startling discovery - one which suddenly clarified all life's various phenomena: Life is a game. In this lecture, Ron explains why life is best understood by likening it to a game, whereupon he defines both its prerequisites and conditions, showing that it follows the rules of any game. For regardless of what, where or how an individual plays the games of existence - and regardless of whether he consented to play - those rules are always the same. And with everything Ron puts on the board, he provides a completely new understanding of all that comprises human behavior. Here, then, is not only the knowledge to play and win at a game of one's own choosing, but how to help others play a better game too. Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.