Jay Abraham - World's Leading Marketing Expert Talks About 'Passion': Conversations with the Best Entrepreneurs on the Planet


Written By: Jay Abraham

Written By: Janet Attwood

Length:1 hour and 25 min.

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Audiobook Summary: As the founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc., in Los Angeles, Jay Abraham has spent the last 25 years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide. Jay has seen and dealt with every type of business you can imagine. And he's studied and solved every kind of business question, problem, challenge, and opportunity. Jay's uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth, and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention and respect of CEOs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts. Jay's clients range from business royalty to small business owners. But they all have one thing in common - virtually all have profited greatly from Jay's expertise. A number of clients have acknowledge that Jay's efforts and ideas have led to a profit increase of millions of dollars. This interview may contain references to dates, events, etc., that have already taken place. These references have not been omitted in order to maintain the integrity of the recording, as all Meet The Giants interviews are REAL and unedited conversations.

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