Inspiration for Your Day: Poems and Messages to Lift Your Heart (Unabridged)


Written By: Ilchi Lee

Written By: Edwin KimPeter ThomasShondra Jepperson

Length:49 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Sometimes, we all need a little boost in our outlook on the world around us. Giving ourselves positive daily messages can deepen our understanding of life's mysteries. This compilation of spoken messages and poems is an ideal companion for daily meditation practice. You can listen to the messages in succession, or one at a time. Ilchi Lee's messages and poems communicate the sublime wisdom that speaks to the inherent greatness in each one of us. With daily listening, you can expand your understanding of true peace and become more centered. You can increase your mindfulness and gain insight for making more positive and beneficial life choices. The spoken messages and poems in Inspiration for Your Day are read by professional voice actors and set to uplifting music. Nine of these messages have never before been released in English. Six are old favorites known by people who are familiar with Ilchi Lee's work.