Inner Winner: How to Beat Stress, Boost your Confidence and Become Unstoppable


Written By: Kevin Mincher

Written By: Kevin Mincher

Length:1 hour 42 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:Imagine what life would be like if you could deal with negative past experiences, control your emotions in the moment and feel good about your future. When you listen to this download you will discover why some people are happy and successful whilst many others are unhappy and underachieve. You will join an audience of 500 teenagers to discover the scientific secrets and simple skills that will make a positive difference to your performance. The Inner Winner shows teenagers how to gain the most overlooked yet the most important ingredients to enable success to happen. When you listen to this download you will learn how to be responsible for and take control of your emotions and believe in yourself. You will learn to: Understand how your feelings influence your performance Learn how to overcome personal fears and take control of your emotions Deal with peer group pressure and past negative experiences Complete the 'Challenge 10' to take control of your inner thoughts Use the Cinema Technique to gain a strong sense of self confidence Use simple breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety