Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life, New Worlds, and the Dawn of the Virtual Revolution (Unabridged)


Written By: Jim BlascovichJeremy Bailenson

Written By: John Pruden

Length:7 hours and 34 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: How do The Matrix , Avatar , and Tron reveal the future of existence? Can our brains recognize where "reality" ends and "virtual" begins? What would it mean to live eternally in a digital universe? Where will technology lead us in five, 50, and 500 years? Two innovative scientists here explore the mystery and reality of the virtual and examine the profound potential of emerging digital technologies. Welcome to the future.... The coming explosion of immersive digital technology, combined with recent progress in unlocking how the mind works, will soon revolutionize our lives in ways only science-fiction has imagined. In Infinite Reality , Jeremy Bailenson (Stanford University) and Jim Blascovich (University of California, Santa Barbara) - two of virtual reality's pioneering authorities, whose pathbreaking research has mapped how our brain behaves in digital worlds - take us on a mind-bending journey through the virtual universe. Infinite Reality explores what emerging computer technologies and their radical applications will mean for the future of human life and society. Along the way, Bailenson and Blascovich examine the timeless philosophical questions of the self and "reality" that arise through the digital experience; explain how virtual reality's latest and future forms - including immersive video games and social-networking sites - will soon be seamlessly integrated into our lives; show the many surprising practical applications of virtual reality, from education and medicine to sex and warfare; and probe further-off possibilities like "total personality downloads" that would allow your great-great-grandchildren to have a conversation with "you" a century or more after your death. Equally fascinating, farsighted, and profound, Infinite Reality is an essential guide to our virtual future, where the experience of being human will be deeply transformed.