In a Sunburned Country (Unabridged)


Written By: Bill Bryson

Written By: Bill Bryson

Length:12 hours

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Every time Bill Brysonwalks out the door memorable travel literature threatens to use. His previous excursion up, down, and over the Appalachian Trail led to the empyreal best vendor A Walk in the Woods. Now he's traveled around the world and entirely "Down Under" to Australia, the only island that is also a continent and the single continent that can be a country. Australia exists on a huge scale, a shockingly under-identified country using the friendliest inhabitants, the hottest, driest weather, the most peculiar and life-threatening wildlife to be found on this planet, and much more things which will kill you in extremely malicious ways than elsewhere: sharks, crocodiles, the ten most life-threatening poisonous snakes in the world, fluffy yet toxic caterpillars, sea-shells which in fact attack you, as well as the unbelievable box jellyfish. In a Sunburned Country is a delectably humorous, truth-stuffed and adventurous efficiency with a writer who combines humor, wonder, and unflagging interest. They would be the beaming products of a land with clean, secure cities, cold beer, and continuous sunshine. Australia is an immense and lucky land, also it has seen in Bryson its ideal guide.