Impossible Lovers for MEN: Directed Erotic Visualisation


Written By: Essemoh Teepee

Written By: Essemoh Teepee

Length:35 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: The Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation takes you right into the heart of amazingly real-feeling erotic fantasy experiences. What would it be like to have the sensations, experience the intense pleasure of having a beautiful woman adoring you and at your pleasure? Directed Erotic Visualisation is designed to achieve just that in most cases. Here is what some men say: "The DEV experience was completely different. It didn't just get the job done, afterwards I felt far more relaxed and relieved. There was a sort of after-glow feeling that normally only accompanies really good sex. I'm a 23-year-old college student from California, USA." "Thanks for a superb audio. As for the results, I thought it was going to be about seven out of 10, but I lost it completely when you talked of your hair ticking my stomach. That just sent me into orbit." "Marvellous, almost euphoric!" This compilation comprises a brief audio introduction to Directed Erotic Visualisation and two intense sensual experiences with your fantasy lover, the very wonderful Nightingale. Lap Dance This 21-minute experience is set in a nightclub where you are in private and up close with the most erotic lap dancer. The very real feeling that you are there, alone with a beautiful woman having a most intimate and very personal experience is hard to believe. Nightingale will show you a very satisfying time. Party Favour Experience You are at just the best party ever! The women are all hot and the host is generous to a fault. He has instructed some girls to 'take care' of you as best they know how. Just lie back and let Nightingale transport you to one of the best erotic experiences. For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion. Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this programme and for at least h...