Impossible Gay Lovers: Directed Erotic Visualisation


Written By: Essemoh Teepee

Written By: Essemoh Teepee

Length:59 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: Impossible Gay Lovers uses the Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation to let you have stunningly erotic gay sex experiences. Have you ever had a really arousing fantasy and wondered what it would be like for real? To have your bi curiosity satisfied or to be taken by a great bear of a man and overwhelmed by his presence? Directed Erotic Visualisation is designed to achieve just that in most cases. Here are what some men say: "I found (this) absolutely amazing. I've listened to it twice ... and both times I was there, right on command. There are so few audio stories or visualisations for gay men that this is a very welcome thing indeed. The voice is comforting yet incredibly arousing. It helps that I prefer that kind of a "bear of a man" myself...." "I am 26, straight and get regular sex but I have been curious about being with a guy. I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your file and came really hard. Thank you for's hot!" There are three sensual experiences in this volume, following a brief introduction to the Directed Erotic Visualisation technique. The Bear This is an 18 minute experience that gives you the sensations of being a plaything in the hands of a great 'woofy' bear of a man. Succubus You are alone in your bed, on the edge of sleep and something powerfully male comes invisibly into your room and your bed. Helpless, you experience some of the most intense sensations and emotions.... Bar Pick Up The bar is packed and bodies press all around. You are selected by a commanding man to be his companion for the night. For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion. Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for half an hour afterwards.