Written By: James Lowell Phillips

Written By: James Lowell Phillips

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Audiobook Summary: You believe in the power of the mind and the Law of Attraction. You've watched The Secret so many times you've lost count. You easily visualize your desired outcome or ideal life as if it has already happened. But nothing changes. Why? You may desire it be so, believe it possible, and see it happening, but your deepest feelings about what you want are confused. Unconsciously, you may be holding onto beliefs that there is not enough, that you are not enough, that what you desire cannot really happen for you. Those deeply held beliefs bleed over into your conscious mind and prevent you from manifesting what you want. Unfortunately, your subconscious mind speaks only in symbol and emotion. Techniques that use only words are not nearly as effective as visualizations to make your subconscious mind understand what you wish to change. With imaginization , or what has been called "The Secret 2.0", from James Phillips and Living in Truth, you will learn how to eliminate intense feelings and deeply embedded beliefs that confuse your subconscious mind. You will practice "holding" mental pictures steady to the inward eye long enough to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch these mental pictures as if they were real. And you will "plant" a powerful "imaginization" of what you want into your subconscious mind. But something is missing from your "imaginization" before you can offer it to the universe for action. In the ancient Egyptian temples, Adepts who devoted their entire lives to meditation and service believed that a Divine Partnership existed between the seen and invisible, between the world of matter and cosmic law, and between themselves and God. Adepts knew well that the "fire from heaven" or influx of loving guidance and greater wisdom emanating from God completed their "imaginization" and released the awesome power of their imagination. Now you too can "ignite" your "imaginization" with "fire fr...

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