I'm Coming Out of This


Written By: Dr. John R. Adolph

Written By: Josh Kilbourne

Length:2 hours and 34 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: If the Apostle Paul were here with us today, what would he say to help us cope with tough times? One of the most startling revelations believers face is that dedicating their life to Christ does not shield them from the trials of life or the blows of an enemy attack. The truth is, when we make the decision to live for Christ, the battle is on. Yet the answer is not to give up when we grow weary in the fight. Instead, take note from the Apostle Paul as he speaks to the church of Philippi and find restored confidence in the fact that Christ has assured our victory. Dr. John R. Adolph is magnificent at communicating complex spiritual principles in simple everyday language. In I'm Coming Out of This! Dr. Adolph teaches what is required to find the faith and determination of Paul that is within the heart of every believer. He uses biblical and practical illustrations to inspire and empower believers to stand up to the enemy while in the heat of the battle and leads warriors of the faith in the battle cry: "I'm Coming Out of This!"

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