I Went to Vassar for This? (Unabridged)


Written By: Naomi Neale

Written By: Stephanie Brush

Length:9 hours and 32 min.

Customer Rating :3.89

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Audiobook Summary:After a TV dinner explodes in her microwave, modern New York City girl Cathy Vorhees wakes up in 1959. Mortified to find herself living the life of uptight Cathy Voight, office tyrant and recipe creator, Cathy bravely tries to "relax and enjoy my psychosis" with the help of her nifty '50s flatmates Tilly and Miranda, who think she's suffered an electric shock. More often, Cathy reacts like a movie heroine waking up next to a strange man "with absolutely no memory of how... the knife sticking out of his chest got there". When she isn't expressing shock at all the pork products, fur coats, and sexual harassment in the workplace, she's trying to make a confidante out of hunky Hank, owner of her apartment building, and to find a way home. While some of Cathy's actions are out of character for a savvy city girl (i.e., brainlessly blurting out future events like the Kennedy assassination to Hank), she's got an enjoyable, sarcastic narrative voice that carries readers from confusion and despair ("why hadn't that microwave outright killed me?") to a You-go-girl! finale that's sure to please.