How to Stop Being an Emotional Eater: Stop Comfort Eating and Lose Weight


Written By: Anne Morrison

Written By: Anne Morrison

Length:6 hour 2 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Do you eat when you feel upset? Do you turn to chocolate when you've had a bad day? Do you want to lose weight? This self help course, designed by Anne Morrison, Clinical and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist, can help you change your comfort eating habits. It guides you through a step by step process which will help you identify and change your relationship with food and how you cope with upset in your life. It consists of 8 steps, each one building on the work of the last. The audio content lasts for over six hours. Overall the course will take you a minimum of five weeks if you follow all the steps and exercises, which are all designed to help you make the changes you want to make. You may find that you want to revisit some sections or take longer over them. As you work through the course, you will need to be able to write down your thoughts and responses. You can do this on a laptop, PC, or by hand, in a note book. You will need to be able to store and read what you have written, as you will refer back to it at different times during the course. You may also want to apply the process that you follow to different issues in the future so keeping the work you do will remind you of the steps you took.