How to Marry Right and Avoid Divorce: Tips from Thirty-Three Years of Private Practice


Written By: Susana K. O'Hara

Written By: Stephen Rozzell

Length:3 hours and 7 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Do you see marriage in your future but worry about becoming another divorce statistic? If so, this book is a must-listen. Whether you are marrying for the first time or have been divorced and want to get back in the dating game, Dr. Susana O'Hara offers simple advice about the steps you can take to marry right, stay married, and decrease your chances of divorce. How to Marry Right and Avoid Divorce includes real-life examples of how several of Dr. O'Hara's clients did just that. Dr. O'Hara also illustrates the poor choices many before you have made, so you can learn from them. Dr. O'Hara's encouraging tips for finding the right person to marry have led countless people down the path to marital happiness. She offers suggestions for how to think realistically about marriage, how to best present yourself, and how to engage in meaningful conversation, among other useful topics. Now she can help you to learn How to Marry Right and Avoid Divorce .