How to Be a Values-based Leader: The 30-Minute 'New Breed of Leader' Success Series


Written By: Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel

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Length:32 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Values are your moral compass... a fixed beacon giving direction and purpose to your other leadership qualities. You'll build long term, sustainable teams and organizations when you have the courage to examine, define, and forge your personal values and principles. Lessons from Astronaut Christa McAuliffe and golf legend Arnie Palmer will inspire you to be a person who can guide others as they navigate their way through the issues and opportunities of our new century. Fill your leadership toolbox with immediately usable ideas and actions from globally acknowledged leadership and change expert Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel. Some of the topics covered: Define the difference between management and leadership How your examples help others clarify their values How to embrace and honor your values while respecting others Four Strategies that make or break your values credibility Comedian Bill Cosby's meaningful philosophy about how commitment affects your values.