How I Became a Millionaire in My 20s (Unabridged)


Written By: Jamie McIntyre

Written By: Jamie McIntyre

Length:3 hours and 6 min.

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Audiobook Summary: An inspirational 3-hour seminar with a young entrepreneur who made himself rich through stock and property investing in his 20s. Financial planning and wealth management are extremely important for your future. Whether you are young or not so young, it's vital to be armed with the right financial advice from people who actually lead by example. Many people believe are selling their time for as much as they can per hour, often sacrificing time for money at the cost of losing out on lifestyle. This is the wealth creation formula 96% of the population are following. It's also NOT what the vast majority of wealthy people do! Jamie McIntyre's story is a great one to learn from and tens of thousands of people have learned this from him already. Jamie went from the stress of sleeping on a friends couch, $150,000 in debt, in a not very enjoyable "get paid by the hour" job, to completely reversing the situation and becoming a millionaire within a few short years and a millionaire many times over since then! The best part about this remarkable story is that you can do it too! It's not hard and it's not rocket science, but there are things you need to know to avoid mistakes. Jamie is committed to sharing the information that took him from deep in the red to living the lifestyle most people only dream about.