Hotel Heaven: Confessions of a Luxury Hotel Addict (Unabridged)


Written By: Matthew Brace

Written By: Colin Moody

Length:10 hours and 38 min.

Customer Rating :2.8

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Audiobook Summary:Sex, cocaine, football, shopping... we all have addictions. For Matthew Brace it is luxury hotels. Hotel Heaven is the fascinating, glamorous and hilarious account of more than a decade of relentlessly posh travel, painstaking research and an awful lot of fun. Brace takes you inside the hallowed walls of the world's most fabulous and expensive luxury hotels. He walks you through their corridors and lush gardens, lets you plunge into their pools and luxuriate in their best suites. But things do not always go to plan for the jet-set travel writer and Brace recounts hilarious and humiliating incidents which have almost ended his career as a professional bon viveur. So dust off your Prada in-flight satchel and come on a truly fabulous round-the-world glamour trip with an incurable luxury hotel junkie. Come to Hotel Heaven !