Horatio Nelson: The Leaders Series (Dramatized)


Written By: Mollie Hardwick

Written By: John Graham and Full Cast

Length:57 min.

Customer Rating :3.6

Retail Price:$9.60


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Audiobook Summary:"Captain Nelson is a little man who cannot boast of being handsome, but who will, in my view, one day astonish the world." So said Sir William Hamilton to his wife Emma, when Captain Nelson first sailed into Naples Bay in 1793. Even that shrewd Ambassador could hardly have guessed how great the "little man" would become. Superb seaman and strategist, born leader of men, savior of Britain from the menace of invasion by Napoleon, he won glory at the price of disfigurement, mutilation, and death at the moment of his crowning glory at the glorious Battle of Trafalgar. Brave as a lion in battle, his private character was of gentleness and charm that captivated all who knew him; a rare quality in a fighting man. His love for his mistress, the beautiful Emma Hamilton, was as passionate as his devotion to his country, and is an unforgettable part of his heroic story. The part of Horatio Nelson is played by Edmund Pegge and the part of Emma Hamilton is played by Joanna Wake. Other parts are played by Michael Sheard and Robert Rietty.