He Sells, She Sells: Close More Sales with the Opposite Sex in 30 minutes


Written By: Colette Carlson

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Length:37 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: Men, do you find yourself becoming impatient with the amount of information and time you must invest with a female client? Ladies, do you find it challenging to get the respect of your male buyer? Here's why: whether it's due to nature, nurture, or both, men and women often think and speak differently, which impacts the buying/selling process. Colette Carlson, M.A., shows you how to master these gender differences in order to walk away with the sale. After listening to this program, you will be able to: Influence and engage the opposite sex without offending Harness the power of non-verbal communication to communicate more effectively Tailor your messages to get the focused attention you need to be heard Identify questioning techniques that get answered Understand how to leverage your language to present, persuade, and sell with impact Increase your revenues, profits, and overall success by listening to this relevant program!

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