He Came Looking for Me: A True Story of Hope and Redemption


Written By: Lynn Baber

Written By: Lynn Baber

Length:4 hours and 7 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: "The little girl reached her small hand through the rails of the fence I was tied to and touched my poor sunburned face. For just a moment I touched her back. As her fingers left my face she said to me, 'I hope you find a nice home.' Her father didn't say it, but he knew that probably wasn't going to happen. The pair moved down the aisle of the auction barn away from me, our brief encounter already forgotten." Will this horse doomed for slaughter be ransomed? Author Lynn Baber helps Shiner, the lost son of a prize Appaloosa mare, share his true story of rescue in He Came Looking for Me . But Shiner's story is more than just a simple tale of how two horses returned to their real home, it is the story of promise and victory for each one of us in a relationship with Jesus Christ. He Came Looking for Me is Lynn Baber's third book, closely following her last, Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace: Pursuing Relationship with God, Horses, and One Another . Highly credentialed in both the equine and business worlds, Lynn also serves as a director of Amazing Grays Ministry.

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