Hats, Clowns, and Miracles


Written By: Marcia Manis

Written By: Josh Kilbourne

Length:2 hours and 11 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: "How do you do? My name is Gertrude - no, Betsy - no, Mrs. Claus - no. Okay. Tonya Letha Lagonda, but you can call me Golly." Come with Marcia "Clementine" Manis as she takes you on her unique ministerial journey in Hats, Clowns, and Miracles . Marcia exposes some of her most vulnerable moments in her story - moments that include heartache, the early loss of her father, the early loss of her children, and a lot of uncertainty. But Marcia is an optimist, and that remains clear throughout her narrative. Encouraging words are the thread that holds this book together. Everyone has different Hats to wear, knows a bunch of Clowns, and hopefully has some Miracles in their lives.