Hancock's Half Hour: The Very Best Episodes, Volume 3


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Audiobook Summary:Another four of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's favourite radio episodes, with brand new sleeve notes specially written for this edition: "The Last of the McHancocks" 24 February 1957; "The East Cheam Drama Festival" 8 April 1958; "Visiting Day" 15 December 1959; "The Threatening Letters" 27 May 1958. Galton and Simpson have chosen another selection of favourite episodes from the classic radio series, and written an introductory sleeve note to explain just why they love each one so much. In "The Last of the McHancocks", Hancock has been left a Scottish castle, but finds he has to contend with Bonnie Prince Sidney and Seamus McNasty. "The East Cheam Drama Festival" sees Hancock trying to organise a major literary event; while "Visiting Day" finds our hero in hospital. Finally, "The Threatening Letters" has Hancock receiving some most uncomplimentary missives through the post...As ever, the master of misery is supported by a star cast including Sid James, Bill Kerr, Kenneth Williams, and Hattie Jacques, and four sparkling scripts by the masters of mirth, Galton and Simpson.