Gulp!: The 7 Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge (Unabridged)


Written By: Gabriella Goddard

Written By: Gabriella Goddard

Length:8 hour 15 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:Are you ready to change your life? The truth is most of us are scared of change. When a cry for change is calling up from deep inside us, we tend to ignore it. When change is thrust upon us by outside circumstances, we try to deny it. We would rather have things stay the same. It's easier that way. The trouble is, when we ignore and deny the natural flow of change in our lives, we rob ourselves of the capacity to grow and develop and to have a much more joyful and rewarding life. How often do you say, "one day I'll..."? Maybe you want to make a big career change or start your own business? Or maybe you dream of writing a book or learning the art of public speaking? Or maybe you feel the pull of adventure to trek Machu Picchu or work in an African orphanage? Or maybe you want to start dating again, get married, start a family, or "find yourself" after the kids have left home. And maybe it's simply time to be more confident, stand up to others, and follow your own path in life. Whatever your dream, or big Gulp! , start your "one day" today. Gulp! is the essential everyday guide designed to inspire real people to make real changes in their life. It provides a seven-day practical roadmap that shows you how to turn your "gulp" moments of change into opportunities for success. Gabriella's calm, but no nonsense style, leaves little room for excuses and her advice, stories, top tips, and action plans will help you to: be more decisive and daring: and find the courage to step into the unknown face your fears: and develop simple strategies to banish them forever build inner calm and strength: and tap into your inner wisdom stretch your imagination: and do the things that you never thought possible plan and prepare your way forward: and stay focused, motivated and on track stop making excuses: and start taking action NOW!