Great Sex at Any Age (Live)


Written By: Dr. Lana Holstein and Dr. David Taylor

Written By: Dr. Lana Holstein and Dr. David Taylor

Length:44 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Lovers of all ages have something to learn from Drs. Lana Holstein and David Taylor. Soulful, spiritual sexuality is within everyone's reach if they take a few simple, immensely rewarding steps toward awakening their sexual selves and connecting with their partners on a deeper level. In this live presentation, discover the many levels on which sex takes place, celebrate passion, and find the most mutually fulfilling experience. Find out what makes you and your partner click, boost your S.Q. (Sensuality Quotient) and revitalize your relationship. Dr. Lana Holstein is a nationally known expert on sexuality and vitality issues. After 15 years of family practice in Flagstaff, Arizona, she took the position of director of women's health at Canyon Ranch and has recently become the managing director for medical programs for award-winning Miraval Life in Balance. She has established innovative programs for women on menopause, osteoporosis, and midlife balance, but is most well known for her expertise in sexuality, having developed workshops for couples on passion and intimacy.