Grace Under Fire: Letters of Faith in Times of War (Unabridged)


Written By: Andrew Carroll

Written By: Patrick Lawlor

Length:4 hours and 28 min.

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Audiobook Summary: Grace Under Fire is an extraordinary, moving record of the importance of religion and spirituality to troops and their families, from the American Revolution through the fighting in Iraq. This collection of correspondence captures the spirit, the humor, and the courage of men and women in uniform. Reflecting the writers' thoughts, feelings, and questions about matters of faith, the letters offer a fascinating window on how individuals have endured the trials of separation, the fear of battle, the agony of loss, and the stresses of homecoming. There are riveting accounts of battles, anecdotes describing lighter moments shared with comrades, touching inquiries about sweethearts and families, as well as more somber and philosophical musings about life and death. In a brief letter to his pastor in Pennsylvania, a World War I private asks probing questions about the role of God in war. A lieutenant serving in Holland during World War II describes the profound effect of a Yom Kippur service he attends. In a letter he considers almost a confession, a U.S. Marine writes to his priest back home about the opening weeks of Operation Iraqi Freedom and expresses his joy at helping Shiite Muslims regain the freedom to worship after decades of religious oppression. Each piece of correspondence is introduced with a note explaining who wrote it, the circumstances under which it was written, and, if it is known, the fate of the writer. Although these letters and e-mails were all written in times of war, they transcend the subject of armed conflict. Anyone going through a difficult moment in life will find inspiration and courage in these powerful and insightful words.

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