Galileo's New Universe: The Revolution in Our Understanding of the Cosmos (Unabridged)


Written By: Stephen P. MaranLaurence A. Marschall

Written By: Charles Stransky

Length:6 hours and 35 min.

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The historical and societal consequences of the telescope and that instruments modern-day value are brought into startling emphasis in this intriguing accounts.

When Galileo appeared to the sky together with his perspicillum, or spyglass, around 400 years past, he could not have fathomed the amount of change his amazing findings a apparently level moon magically transformed right into a dynamic, crater-stuffed orb and also a big, black sky suddenly held numerous galaxies would have on civilizations. Reflecting on how Galileo's planet compares with contemporary society, this insightful analysis deftly moves from the cutting-edge technologies available in 17th-century Europe to the incredible phenomena discovered during the past 50 years, documenting important astronomical improvements and also the results they have had over the years.