Freud at 150: A Scientific American Mind Special Report


Written By: Mark SolmsJ. Allan HobsonSteve AyanHal Arkowitz

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Length:1 hour and 1 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's birth, Scientific American Mind examines the lasting, controversial legacy of the Father of Psychoanalysis. This special report contains four articles. In "Freud Returns," neuropsychologist Mark Solms writes that biological descriptions of the brain may fit together best when integrated by psychological theories that Freud sketched a century ago. Then, J. Allan Hobson of Harvard Medical School offers an opposing view in "Freud Returns? Like a Bad Dream." Next, in "Neurotic About Neurons," Steve Ayan says Freud's theories sprang directly from neuroscience, until he began interrogating sexually-frustrated women. And in the final article, "Psychotherapy on Trial," Hal Arkowitz of the University of Arizona and Scott Lilienfeld of Emory University discuss the current debate over empirically supported therapies.