Follow Me: A Scriptural Story of Jesus of Nazareth (Unabridged)


Written By: Donald W. Hemingway

Written By: Marvin Payne

Length:14 hours and 1 min.

Customer Rating :4.0

Retail Price:$9.95


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Audiobook Summary: Follow Me is a captivating narrative of the life of Mary, Joseph, and their first born, Jesus. It follows Him through His childhood and then through His ministry. You will feel what the apostles must have felt as they witnessed the miracles of Jesus: His response of comfort to the weary and downtrodden, His healing of the ill and physically handicapped, His peace when attacked by the bitterness of antagonists, His forgiveness for those who railed against Him and nailed Him to the cross. The narrative continues on to His glorious resurrection, His promise of eternal life, as He was the Redeemer and Savior of the world. Follow Me is narrated so smoothly that even children can enjoy the stories. It presents a listener-friendly, yet scripturally accurate, story of Jesus of Nazareth - so that the listener may find a closer relationship with Him and a greater appreciation of the scriptures.

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