Fire-Bearers: The Spiritual Qualities of Prophetic Leaders (Unabridged)


Written By: Fr. John HeagleSr. Fran Ferder

Written By: Fr. John HeagleSr. Fran Ferder

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Audiobook Summary: Dynamic, prophetic, spiritual leadership is essential for Christianity to have a strong voice in our secular society. Today's leaders must be "conscious disciples" by freely choosing an intentional way of life that fully embodies gospel qualities. As team presenters, Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle reflect on the qualities that transform hesitant followers into "fire-bearers" disciples with courage, compassion and charismatic leadership. Heagle and Ferder explain that a fire-bearer is moved by a life-transforming experience of God initially, and then acquires the gift to name, articulate and ritualize this experience, and ultimately witnesses for the sake of building and healing community. A fire-bearer comes to know a God who delights in each person and invites all to become life-transforming charismatic leaders. This presentation recorded with permission before a live audience at the 2001 Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California.