Finding Your Life's Purpose


Written By: Eckhart Tolle

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Length:1 hour and 29 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: By accepting what is, you become bigger than what is. As human beings, we have been conditioned to believe, rather than be. Eckhart Tolle takes us on a journey into our beliefs - the insanity and suffering that arise from them. He helps us see that with surrendering, accepting what IS, we are able to move beyond the struggle to a state of peace and inner aliveness. From that state of alignment with the Now, true solutions for our troubling times arise. The world of form is only one half of reality. Yet we live almost completely there. We cannot wait for the world to change without participating in it - by participating in the depth of consciousness. The words in this talk will act as signposts to help you become aware of your awakening.

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