Enough: Setting Limits on Human Genetic Technology


Written By: Bill McKibben

Written By: Bill McKibben

Length:3 hours 37 min.

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Audiobook Summary:We are on the verge of crossing a line - from born to made, from created to built. Sometimes in the next few years, a scientist will reprogram a human egg or sperm cell, spawning a genetic change that will be passed down into eternity. We are sleepwalking toward the future, and it's time to open our eyes. Bill McKibben, examines the dangers inherent in an array of technologies that threaten not just our survival, but our identity. Imagine a future where lab workers can reprogram human embryos to make our children "smarter" or "more sociable" or "happier." Some researchers are doing more than imagining this future; they've begun to plan for a not-very-distant day when people merge with machines to create a "posthuman" world. Enough examines such possibilities, and explains how we can avoid their worst consequences while still enjoying the fruits of our new scientific understandings. McKibben argues that only by staying human can we find true meaning in our lives. A warning against the gravest dangers humans have ever faced, this wise and eloquent work is also a passionate defense of the world we were born into, and a celebration of our ability to say, "Enough."

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