Dragon Avenger: Age of Fire, Book 2 (Unabridged)


Written By: E. E. Knight

Written By: David Drummond

Length:13 hours and 31 min.

Customer Rating :3.87

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Audiobook Summary: "I am Wistala. Wistala the great dragon huntress, a silent green avenger, dropping from the clouds...." Such is the mettle of young Wistala, one of four dragons born high in the mountains, as she breaks free of her shell. The last of a dying breed, the siblings learn of their legacy from their devoted mother and protective father - until the fateful day when their dark sanctuary is invaded by a group of slave-trading dwarves. Pushed to freedom by their mother as she battles for their lives, Wistala and her scaleless gray brother, Auron, find themselves alone in the Upper World. And when Auron sacrifices himself so that she may live, Wistala must overcome her grief and fear to find others of her kind - and bring her wrath to bear on those who would destroy them.