Disillusioned: A Stan Turner Mystery, Volume 2


Written By: William Manchee

Written By: William Timnick

Length:7 hours and 10 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: After being discharged from the Marine Corps, Stan Turner ends up in Dallas, where he intends to finish law school at SMU. In the spring of 1976 he is recruited by the Repubican Party to be county chairman and finds himself helping President Gerald Ford in his campaign against Jimmy Carter. The campaign is marred, however, by an untimely FBI investigation into the financial dealings of a local party contributor, Brad Thorton, and the apparent murder-suicide of Stan's best friend, Ron Shepard, and his family. Stan knows Ron couldn't have murdered his family and sets out to clear his name, but in the process gets at odds with an Mexican drug cartel and the target of a professional hit man.