Devote Forty Days


Written By: Jane Jayroe

Written By: Jane Jayroe

Length:3 hours and 18 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: On the outside, my life appeared smooth and successful. I had been blessed with a loving family, a great education, and the title of Miss America at an early age. But my road held big bumps - professionally and personally. I seemed stuck on a roller coaster of highs and lows with an inner life that was just as unpredictable. When I made the decision to have a disciplined pattern of time with God, my faith experience grew wide and deep. May this book of devotionals bless all of us in our spiritual journey. Some stories are mine; others are from friends: Lolly Anderson, Lisa Boone, Reverend Linda Brinkworth, Linda Cavanaugh, Betty Catching, Dr. Susan Chambers, Coach Sherri Coale, Kay Dudley, Nancy Ellis, Marcy Gardenhire, Prudy Gorrell, Barbara Green, Dr. Lori Hansen, Deliliah Bernard Hayes, Justice Yvonne Kauger, First Lady Cathy Keating, Charlotte Lankard, Donna Lawrence, Judy Love, Robin Marsh, Brenda McDaniel, LaDonna Meinders, Dr. Debra Mitchell, Kay Murcer, First Lady Donna Nigh, Bobbie Roe, Jane Thompson, Karen Waddell.

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