Detox Yoga: Detoxifying Yoga Class and Guide Book


Written By: Yoga 2 Hear

Written By: Sue Fuller

Length:1 hour and 3 min.

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Audiobook Summary: This Detox Yoga class is suitable for those with some previous experience of yoga. It has been created by leading yoga teacher Sue Fuller, who is the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine, specifically to offer a practical and effective method of removing toxins from the body. The easy-to-follow class can be used effectively on it's own or in conjunction with any detox plan to really increase and enhance the effects of the plan. The postures featured in the class focus on bending, stretching, and toning the torso area of the body. The internal organs are massaged, blood circulation is increased, the lymphatic system is stimulated, and the elimination process becomes more efficient. Regular use of this class will promote a healthy digestive system and will also help to effectively manage the symptoms of I.B.S. The clear verbal instructions are mixed with a soothing background music track that sets the perfect mood and pace for the class. A printable PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives reference photos for each posture featured accompanies the class. Yoga 2 Hear classes are practical and effective; they can be used again and again and give you the freedom to benefit from high quality yoga instruction whenever and wherever you choose. These audio classes naturally encourage you to focus 100% on the instructions, ensuring that you maximize the many benefits to be gained from each class.