David Copperfield


Written By: Charles Dickens

Written By: Nathaniel Parker

Length:5 hours and 41 min.

Customer Rating :3.5

Retail Price:$20.37


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Audiobook Summary:Humorous, dramatic, ironic and tender, David Copperfield has always been one of Dickens' most popular novels. From his boyhood at the knee of his nurse Peggotty, to the cruelties of Salem House Academy and his youthful adoration of Dora Splendow, David beings to learn about life, the world, and the heart. His path to maturity is filled with memorable characters, the Micawbers, Uriah Heep, Steerforth and many more. Told as 'autobiography' David Copperfield draws deeply on Dickens' own life and was his own 'favourite child' among his books.