Dave Gorman, Genius


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Written By: Dave GormanPaul Danielsand Richard Madeley

Length:2 hours and 20 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Remember your plan for pedestrian fast and slow lanes? Or even that idea about gym equipment fitted with dynamos hooked up to the national grid? Genius is the comedy series, broadcast on Radio 4, that sees Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest chew over ridiculous, unworkable but sometimes "genius" inventions from the public. Genius invites listeners to air those incredible concepts that strike after one-too-many drinks at the pub: not necessarily ideas that are worthy, or even very well thought through, but have a hint of genius. After listening to as many pitches as time permits, Dave's guest chooses his or her favourite two ideas, leaving the audience to vote on which of the two they think is the most inspired. The pitcher with the most votes wins a huge sense of self-fulfilment and the legendary Genius trophy. Guests include Paul Daniels, Richard Madeley, John Fortune, Neil Innes, and Stewart Lee. Dave Gorman is a multi award winning comedian, writer and best-selling author.