Creating a Tech Sabbath Habit: Unplug Your Mind, Restore Your Spirit, and Transform Your Technology Lifestyle


Written By: Bryan Brooks

Written By: Josh Kilbourne

Length:1 hour and 39 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: The impact technology has on our lives today is incredible and offers amazing conveniences to our everyday lives. There is no doubt or debate about how technology can enhance life if it is used in the right way - in moderation and with clear and concise boundaries around it. But the more technology enters our lives without boundaries, allowing it to rule and take top priority, the more easily we can find ourselves virtually imprisoned by it and not able to truly enjoy its benefits. Instead, we become its slave as it leads us down a road of isolation, stealing our rest and taking the place of the things in life that matter most to us: our families, our friends, and our relationship with God. In Creating a Tech Sabbath Habit, author Bryan Brooks shares his personal technology lifestyle transformation in a remarkable way. Through exposing details of his personal testimony of trials, combined with divulging his God-given convictions about the risks of technology overload, Bryan helps guide you through implementing your own tech Sabbath habit plan. Filled with commonsense approach and practical insight, Creating a Tech Sabbath Habit will help you learn the importance of unplugging your mind - following God's command of rest to restore your spirit - and will teach you how to lead a more balanced high-tech lifestyle without getting rid of the technology in it.

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