Crack in the Door (Unabridged)


Written By: Brian D'eon

Written By: Brian D'eon

Length:9 hour 21 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

Retail Price:$8.99


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Audiobook Summary: The stories in Crack in the Door represent 15 years worth of writing and musing about the strangeness of the universe. Each story, in its own way, explores how there is more than meets the eye, how the ordinary can be extraordinary, how at any moment, a different layer of reality make break into one's experience. The collection includes two novella-length stories: the first, "407 Arachne", based on the author's award-winning radio play by the same title, and the second, "Eta Carinae", which was short-listed in the 2010 Quattro Books Novella competition. Humor and horror mix equally in these works. Many of the characters seem to exist partly in the world of magical realism: a baseball short-stop who never strikes out, an actor possessed by the soul of a raven, an airport traveler locked in a conversation with a professed Martian. These are but a few of bizarre yet strangely familiar characters who dare to peek through the "crack in the door".