Courageous Living: Dare to Take a Stand (Unabridged)


Written By: Michael C. Catt

Written By: Maurice England

Length:4 hours and 30 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary:

In the new movie Courageous (from the manufacturers of Fireproof), four police are confident and focused in regards to facing danger on the job. But directing their families at house in a God-honoring way? That takes bravery. Because it is necessary to consider a trustworthy, unafraid stand in numerous places of life, pastor and Courageous executive producer Michael Catt provides Courageous Living as a closer glance at biblical themes and characters that inspired the considerably anticipated movie. Catt brings fresh insight to narratives of people of the Bible who shown great courage when it would have been better to play it safe. Catch a new wind of bravery in the bold accounts of Abraham ( The Courage to Get Going), Nehemiah ( The Courage to Face Criticism), and Ruth ( The Courage to Face an Uncertain Future).

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