Corporate Combat: The Application of Military Principles to Business Competition (Unabridged)


Written By: William E. Peacock

Written By: Jeff Riggenbach

Length:5 hours and 5 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Whether consciously or subconsciously, the most successful corporate chiefs follow the principles of war in guiding their corporate armies to victory. In Corporate Combat , these principles are explained using examples drawn from both military and corporate history. Far from a simple overview of the basics, Corporate Combat details in more than 25 parallel military and corporate case histories such fundamental concepts as: Offense; Defense; Economy of Force; Surprise; Unity of Command; Simplicity; Security; Maneuvers; Objective; and Mass. Moreover, the specific obstacles encountered and the strategies and tactics used to overcome them in the case histories are carefully analyzed. For every corporate commander, business strategist, and market planner, Corporate Combat presents an insightful, realistic view of how competitions are won and lost - on both the military and business battlefields. In the often zero-sum contest for market share, it demonstrates how the principles of war are not only valid, but also wisely applied for greater gain.