Climbing the End of Your Rope: Preventing Life's Struggles from Strangling Your Life


Written By: Joe Prainito

Written By: Josh Kilbourne

Length:3 hours and 29 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: Have you allowed life's struggles to strangle your life, your hopes, your dreams, and your future? Our past failures and hardships can easily give way to guilt, discouragement, and a fear of the future, which leaves us with one resolution: to give up chasing our dreams, pursuing our goals, and living this life to its fullest. Are you looking for a way to change things? Have you considered Climbing the End of Your Rope ? Climbing the End of Your Rope is not just another book about finding hope. This is a book about you, your life, and your future. Joe Prainito dives into the lives of real people who have come face to face with some of the most common yet debilitating conditions of the human experience. He tackles life's most confusing questions and offers spiritual solutions that are implementable into your daily life.

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