Chill Out Yoga - Flow: Vol. 3: To Energise and Bring Balance - Intermediate or Advanced Level


Written By: Amanda Latchmore

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Length:45 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: This is a 45-minute class created by yoga expert Amanda Latchmore for experienced yoga practitioners. Amanda guides you through pranayama, a dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequence, and backbends to energise and bring balance. Drawing on over 35 years of yoga experience, Amanda Latchmore created the Chill Out Yoga series of classes as a safe and practical way to develop an on-going yoga practice. The clearly delivered audio instruction assists focus on the inner experience of practising the poses, rather than the outward focus of looking at a video. By maintaining a regular yoga practice, you will create the potential for life-long well-being in mind, body, and soul. From Customer Reviews: 'Short enough to fit in between work and other things'.... 'The instructions are very concise and not too wordy'.... 'It's flexible and fits my timetable, my mood, my physical and mental ability on any day'.... 'This session has encouraged me to practice outside of my yoga classes'.... 'I love this yoga class. It's just the right length of time and feels safe'.