Chance: A Spenser Novel (Unabridged)


Written By: Robert B. Parker

Written By: Burt Reynolds

Length:6 hours and 52 min.

Customer Rating :2.75

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Audiobook Summary:Big-time Boston hoodlum Julius Ventura wants to find his only daughter's missing husband - at least that's how he puts it to Spenser and Hawk, even though its pretty clear that Julius isn't telling the whole truth. Or maybe not any part of the truth. Something about the case appeals to Spenser's passion for justice, and he launches an odyssey that takes the tough-but-tender duo with their penchant for literary allusions into the netherworld of organized crime. From the throne room of crime lords to the Vegas strip, from two-bit wiseguys with a genius for dangerous liasions to gangster's molls in jeopardy, from larceny to homicide, Spenser and Hawk soon discover that what's at stake in this game is not an ardent groom and her blushing bride, but control of gangland Boston. Against the bright lights and seamy side streets of Las Vegas, they find themselves dead center in a circus of violence whose shadowy ringmaster is all too familiar.