Chakra Meditation


Written By: Sue Fuller

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Length:30 min.

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Audiobook Summary:A practical and effective meditation session to balance and clear the seven main Chakras. This easy to follow session has been devised and narrated by Sue Fuller, a leading yoga teacher and the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine. The class will help to balance and clear the seven main chakras. Our chakras have an impact on our physical and mental states, when the chakras are balanced and clear optimum levels of health can be experienced. This session comes with a printable PDF guide booklet that contains a chakra map and colour chart to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits. The clear, easy to follow instructions are mixed with soothing background music that sets the mood perfect for the meditation session. Yoga 2 hear classes are practical and effective, they can be used again and again and give you the freedom to enjoy high quality yoga instruction where ever and whenever you choose. Unlike a DVD, Yoga2hear classes allow you to close your eyes and focus 100% on the instruction which ensures the best possible results.