Building Extreme Wealth: Secrets of the Rich & Wealthy (Unabridged)


Written By: Craig Beck

Written By: Craig Beck

Length:54 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Getting rich is not a matter of environment, for if it were all the people in certain neighbourhoods would become wealthy; the people of one city would all be rich, while those of other towns would all be poor. Everywhere we see rich and poor living side-by-side, in the same environment, and often engaged in the same vocations. Getting rich is not the result of saving or thrift; many very penurious people are desperately poor whilst free spenders appear to get rich. In Building Extreme Wealth you will discover that becoming rich rather than being a destination to reach is actually instead the by-product of a successful journey. You will discover: How to start each day with massive determination to grow your wealth How to become financially secure How to stop worrying about bills and debt Become fine tuned in the art of attracting wealth The quickest way to a pay rise How to get rich and STAY rich